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Default cap of radiator expansion bottle

There is a constant small bit of green coolant sitting on the top of the bottle just around the neck where the screw cap is located, it's just a couple of mm wide. The coolant level is not dropping, nor does the coolant look discoloured or oily. It's a V6 but the radiator setup on either engine looks pretty much the same.
The cap doen't have any sort of sealing washer/o-ring in it to to seal the gap when it is screwed down onto the bottle, and none of the illustrations I can find in workshop manuals for Gen 3 and 4 Pajeros show a washer - should there be one?
If it's supposed to have be one there, I'm sure MM will have an exorbitant price for it - probably have to buy the whole bottle and hose! (or find a substitute).
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