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Originally Posted by tomwithannl View Post
Just an idle thought while having a coffee.
When I first started 4x4ing and caravan towing in the 70s the main topic of conversation was whether you might break something major on the trip when there was still over a thousand km of gravel up the West coast, like a windscreen, or an axle or a gearbox or such. You also had to decide how many tubes you would carry for the 7.50 x 16 cross ply tyres or could you fit a 44gal drum of fuel in the back and how many gallons of oil and water should I carry? 40c heat, no a/c, too hot to have the window up, wind too hot to have it down. No wondering what gear to tow in with a landy with a holden 6Ö.whatever gear kept you going forward.
I remember as a kid growing up travelling the deserts in an old Landy and overloaded caravan. It was... character building. It ended up with interesting home made air vents cut into the doors and funny electric fans mounted on brackets. Feet roasting from the heat coming through the floor, feeling lucky when the dog chose your feet to drool on. A vague memory of dad lifting the motor out with a block and tackle under a gum tree somewhere remote. Seemed like it went through a couple of Holden reds a month. A slow but unstable and volatile rig that popped tyres regularly and burst into flames once or twice but I doubt Iíll look back on modern cars with the same fondness.
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