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Thanks, it was for me that the original post was made as I didn't have internet access at the time.
The intent was to determine what was a realistic reading towards deciding if the system needed topping up which, from the replies, needs doing. Now that I'm back in civilisation I will get the car to an auto air-cond place (when it eventually arrives in Melbourne **) armed with the knowledge of what is a reasonable air-conditioning expectation. Thanks for all the replies.

** On the trip home the crankshaft bolt snapped and the harmonic balancer fell off. We managed to limp into a nearby town where they were able to extract what remained of the bolt from the crankshaft end and fit a new harmonic balancer. Picked the car up and drove it to the motel to load the bags. Then, when starting for the drive home it wouldn't fire up. They towed it back to the workshop and got it going, they suspected some water ingress after giving it a pretty strong pressure wash. After they took it for around a 12km test drive I went back to collect it again but with the same result - I couldn't start it.
After lots of effort they reckon the CAS was possibly damaged when the harmonic balancer came adrift but they hadn't picked it.
End result was a hire car home and the car (with trailer) to follow on a flat bed in a few days for rectification at my usual mechanics.
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