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Default Door switch excessive current

So, on going to put the windows up on the car in preparation for the rain I found the battery down to 7v-obviously some parasitic current draw somewhere

I've figured out that there is something going on with the drivers door switch. On the other doors the current goes up 40ma when door opens-from 0.15a to 0.19a. On the drivers door on opening it goes right up to around 500ma on opening. Must have left the drivers door ajar for a few days.

The switch appears to be fine, although I pulled it apart to clean it up anyway (and lost the spring, which led to a 10min job turning into hours-it was stuck to the bottom of the inox can somehow). I'm guessing the issue is further up the wiring somewhere.

Anyone got any ideas where the issue here might be located?

Just doesn't seem to end with this car!

Would appreciate any hints if you have any


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