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Hey RichieD,

A piece of advice - get the whole kit! This includes the dual filler neck, the steel fuel pipe piece from dual filler to aux tank, gauge and switch unit on the dashboard and ALL THE MOUNTING BRACKETS!!!

I say this as I literally just finished my install of a second hand tank. I got the front and rear left body mounts with the tank. The rest I had to source or fabricate. I made the mount and repaired itís corresponding mount on the tank.

I sourced a second hand dual filler. As much as a Gen2 unit looks like it will work it doesnít and needs quite a few mods to fit! Iíve now got too much coin into it to source a Gen3 unit.

After sorting the tank mount and fabricating the corresponding body mount, what should have been an estimated two day installed blew out to five days - with some interruptions. Not really happy atm, but once itís in use and not leaking Iíll be stoked.

I also painted the tank satin black. Looks mint against our white Pajero.

Iím still yet to source the fuel gauge and switch unit and I need to put the covers over the inner guard pipe work. Some minor wiring needs to be done then itíll be 100% sorted. Glad Iím not a tradie counting my time as a dollar figure, otherwise Iíd we well behind on this install. Going by parts etc, weíre still about $800ish ahead on a new unit without fitment - and itís a custom colour. How long thatíll last is anyoneís guess.

All the best with it. Hoping itíll be the game changer everyone make it out to be!


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