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Default Thanks to everyone past and present... we have left the world of Pajero

Hello all,

One, maybe last, login..

Due to downsizing, the kids moving on, we have left the Pajero world for a new Suzuki Jimny.
Our 'new' NP Paj got to the ripe old age of 16 and has been passed on to relatives for an overhaul and new life, she was still going strong in all the right places but the value on the market for trade-in / resale was pretty woeful.

Anyway, just a big thanks to everyone here for the help and forum for idea sharing, it has been my pleasure to throw in the odd tip and trick now and again.

For anyone thinking of a downsize, I can recommend the Jimny for it's fun and real 4WD ability. Really only a two person car and certainly forces you to re-think those trips away from a size point of view.

Thanks again.

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