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Default Mitsubishi Factory Fitted front protection bar.

Hello All,
Does anyone have a Mitsubishi Factory Fitted front protection bar fitted to their PS?
The Part number (for black) will be either MZ350580 (for KROW) or MZ350633 (for KS1W).
Are they the same bar with different part numbers?
I am trying to work out what the difference is between the 2 bars?
I have tried different dealer service and spare parts areaís but canít find an answer.
The dealer will say for a 2018 (KS1W) you must use MZ350633. I canít see why a MZ350580 canít be used on a (KS1W).
The only difference I have been told by 1 dealer for 2015 to present model vehicles is just cosmetic.
Logically speaking either part (bar) should fit on a 2018 model.
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