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Originally Posted by Keithyv View Post
Do yourself a favour and spent a few $$ on Dynamat or similar while you are in there. Just did my NW with new speakers and head unit etc. but before everything was swapped out I put the PingJing (cheaper Dynamat alternative) in one rear door but still the stock speaker. My goodness, the difference is like night and day. Better sound, less road noise and a nice 'thunk' on closing the doors.

With new head unit, upgraded speakers all round (including tweeters) and the door treatment the stereo now kicks ar*e, a million percent better than the crummy stock gear.

Here's a laugh, this is a stock door speaker vs the Alpine's I put in the front doors.
Can any speaker fit in or does it need a holder/ spacer?

The previous owner put a double din touchscreen unit in and it works a treat.
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