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Default Gearbox removal help.

Hi all. Been lurking for a while. What an awesome forum.

Car is nk 3.0l lwb.

So I'm attempting to remove the gearbox for clutch and spigot bearing replacement.

I've got the exhaust, starter motor and prop shafts off but things get a bit scarier from here.

So for taking off the gear levers, do you mean take off the machined brass bits, or unbolt and pull out the whole lot from the top of the gearbox. It would certainly give me more room but I just have no idea if that's opening a can of worms.

So for once i thought i'd do the smart thing and ask first .

Also how much slack is there in the wiring and air lines around the top of the box. I really can't see enough to start disconnecting things without dropping it at least a bit.

One thread suggested removing the left torsion bar. Haven't done one of those either, does it really need to come off.

Thank you so much, I'm sure there will be more questions to follow up.
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