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frankly I couldn't be happier with my NT, and when buying it compared it to a lot of other vehicles. Like many I had my head set on buying the Prado, and got a good fleet discount. I still bought the NT though and would do so again in a heart beat.

I find it amazing the level of complaint people make about the Pajero's NVH. True, the 150 Prado was somewhat quieter but I still certainly heard the diesel.

But you can keep all your NVH. Although it is noisier, the engine and transmission in the NT kick the Prado's @ss. The Toyota felt like a gutless wonder under load with an outdated engine and a gearbox that overheats at the sniff of a bit of offroad work.

To the comment that Pajero hasn't been updated then think again. Mitsubishi put its money into the engine, transmission and turbo. Toyota gave the Prado a new (far uglier) face and interior and kept the old engine and chassis. Personally I can't stand the looks of the Prado outside (that big gormless grin) or the inside (very high stacked central aircon vents).

The similarly specced Prado was still $8k more also. For that money I could spend $800 getting the NT decked out head to toe in Dynamat that would make it much quieter than the Prado and still have $7k left over to buy tyres, lift, barwork, draws, winch etc etc making it a far more capable 4WD to boot.

I stopped buying 4WD Action many months ago. Got sick of seeing the same old GQ/GU/80/100 series narrow mindedness, and being told time and time again a Pajero isn't a 'real' 4WD with biased comparisons. Very, very disappointing to hear OL has been bought by publishers of 4WD Action. Another subscription in the bin.

And BTW my NT had a few squeaks in the plastic too. A $15 can of CRC Dry Glide teflon spray got rid of them all.
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