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This from the recall pages.

Mitsubishi?Pajero?Accumulator fitted to the Hydraulic Brake Booster
PRA number: 2008/10314
Date created: 18th September 2008

Product information
Product description
NM and NP model Pajero vehicles equipped with ABS. The affected vehicles were manufactured between February 2000 and 28 July 2003.
What are the hazards?
What are the defects?
There is the potential for the Accumulator fitted to the Hydraulic Brake Booster (HBB) to lose pressure. This may result in the following braking phenomena: Brake assistance may be delayed under rapid brake pedal application and Brake pedal effort may be increased immediately after engine start after the vehicle has been stopped for a period of time.
What should consumers do?
Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd will write to owners of all affected vehicles.
Other regulator reference numbers
2005 NP Platinum Edition, DiD Auto
Homebuilt Teardrop Camper
2008 Hiace Campervan
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