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Originally Posted by nj swb View Post
Much better!

They'd be great in the high country...
That's mean! Have fun without me

Originally Posted by ticky View Post
Hey Justin,
How do the BFG's compare to the 697's in price? Im not due yet, but I am going to have to start thinking about mortgaging the house for a new set at some stage. I like the 18's, i just dont like paying for them.

Maybe we should all get together and bring a container load over from the states.

Also, I wasnt aware there were fog/DRL's available. Do you know if they will fit into the original fog light space on the bumper? I've never had mine out so I wouldn't have a clue.

I did get pulled over at a breatho one night and got a ticket for driving with my fog lights on. no fine, but a notice. The OEM lights are nearly as good as the MMCS IMO.

Hi Steve, Stedi LED DRL's are specifically made as a replacement for ARB fog lights so won't fit in the OEM fig light spot. However, looking at my old OEM fog lights it looks like it would be 'easy' to make an adapter bracket and use some of the universal LED DRL's (ie like are on eBay).

Two years ago I paid $259 each for the Bridgestones (265/65/17) but they have come down in price (about $220 now I think), plus Bridgestone often have buy 3 & get the 4th free deals.

The RRP on the BFG's in the same size is $400 I believe, but I picked mine up for $325 each. M_and_m also got a good deal on his 18" BFG's but they were $95 a tire more.

Two other things to consider though...
1. In 40,000km I had 3 unrepairable punctures (sidewall damage). That's a lot of additional expense at $220-$259 a tire! (I didn't have a single puncture with my previous 2 sets of BFG's).
2. When I replaced the Bridgestones they had done about 43,000km and were about 2-3mm from the tread wear indicator. Therefore they'd probably have needed to be replaced at about 55-60,000km but I got 70-80,000km out of my previous BFG's (and they were still about 1mm from the tread wear indicators). Add 20-30% to the Bridgestone's price ($220+20%=$260 - $259+30%=$335) for the BFG's additional mileage and the total cost isn't that different
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