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Originally Posted by NJV6 View Post
Yes they will fit, my 265 bfgs are legal for 9 inch rim but be aware the rim is amost as wide as the tyre so they are very easy to scratch. I personally think +10 is to much offset but people do run them. My 17x9s are +35 and just sit nicely inside the guard.
The OP is talking about an NJ, which came from the factory with +10 offset.

I did notice an anomaly in the tyre sizes I was looking at - a 265/65 was listed as OK up to 9.5" wide, but the 265/70 and 275/70 list 8.5" as maximum. Here in Australia, to be a legal fitment, the Tyre & Rim Association Manual is the bible. Yes, there is a difference between what works, and what's legal.
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