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Originally Posted by aussieintas View Post
And as stated there are very very rarely any prodlems with the NS onwards.
Unless it's an NS auto with DPF.

Had a call a couple of nights back. A colleuge's son is in the market for a paj. He asked for my advice.

I told him to run. 6K for an NP pump replacement would be devastating to a young fella that could only just afford to buy an NP anyway. Then I told him about the NS auto dpf drama's. I told him he may need to up his budget to a > 2010 NT with no DPF (I still hear every now and then of dpf issues with the NT - people I rarely hear from always call me when they have paj issues or want advice )

I did say he could always take the risk, it may or may not happen, but it's something to take onboard before purchase. A hard choice for a young fella - an NP/NS with potential issues down the track or borrowing more money for a 2010+ NT that could still have issues. No easy answer I'm afraid.
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