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Default Should PC really get a new sub forum (Decided no Sub Forum)

Guys don't want to upset any mods or admin but should the PC really get a new section. Given it is basically a facelift model id be concerned it splits up our knowledge base. I dont think we are a big enough group and the differences to small to segregate us.

For example where does a PC owner post an engine issue question. And if mine was a PC where would I post the question I just posted about mirrors.

As readers too now we need to read both forums to make sure we dont miss some info or miss helping someone's problem. Then if nothing happens in the PC section for a while people can get sick of checking it and it loses support.

We found this same issue with the Grand Cherokee on the jeep forum as we are such a small group and this is with actual significant model changes over a designation change, which actually makes them a different vehicle. As a lot of the guys upgraded from one model to a newer one it also kept the knowledge base tight.

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