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Firstly, how do you tell whether you have a D or ND injection type? I am thinking mine is a ND system, but am not really sure what to look for to be quite honest.

* If the car stalls, I simply cannot restart the car on LPG - I must switch over to petrol (and kick the engine over a few times before it fires up). Gas oversupply?
* I have not experienced any significant (ie damaging) backfires yet (fingers crossed!!)
* I have however, in the process of stalling, popped one of two little rubber hoses off their little doo-ve-lackeys (sorry to get all technical - they are at the top, and just fore of the engine block, seems to be part of a vacuum system??) a number of times. But you realise immediately when its happened as idle on restart (with petrol) is soon as you pop them back on all is sweet again. Anyone else had this?
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