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More tiny steps along the path... Lots of trials to see how the boot loader works - ie trying to convince the MMCS to load a modified LOADING.KWI file. Tonight was the first successful load of a modified file. Still not sure if there is a checksum on the file.

The boot loader seems to work in two or possibly three stages:

Stage 1: Loading the LOADING.KWI file into memory. This seems to perform some basic check of the file when loading - it can detect small problems with the file, and will attempt to restart the loading process if there is a problem.

Stage 2/3: Once the file has been loaded, I suspect control is handed over to the PROG NAVI MAIN (PNM) section in LOADING.KWI. At this point I suspect the PNM goes through and loads each section of LOADING.KWI into memory. This is based on PNM containing references to all the MIUT sections, and some others we do not have.

I almost have the Toyota v5.1 code working - however trying to figure out where to patch things together is a challenge.
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