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Absolute cods-wallop (always wanted to say that).

Right... good news is the MMCS unit has been well thought out by Fujitsu-Ten / Eclipse - it will be hard to brick the unit (basically this means it is hard to make the unit into a useless paperweight by "playing" around like I am).

The bad news is the first triple heart bypass has failed. So... lets see what we now know...

Updating the software: This is easy - enter the diagnostics menu (13131342) and select "Loading". Hit "yes". CAUTION: This will reload the software from your disk (however it seems to keep your settings such as radio stations).

If the built-in "boot loader" is not happy with the new software, it will lock up telling you not to turn off the power. Unfortunately I had no choice at that stage as I was trying every option to get the stoopid DVD to eject.

Ejecting a disk when the system is suck in the "boot loader" process: This took me 45mins to figure out... Pressing the tilt button still works, and indeed, many of the radio functions also work. The trick to get the Map DVD to eject has something to do with the touch screen. I tried several sequences, but suspect the method is this:
1. Push the tilt button to "open" the unit.
2. Press the touch screen in the center until you hear the DVD being ejected. If that does not work, try something like (top left, bot right, TL, BR, TL, BR, TR, BL then center).

My system is back to the way it was now. Later on the weekend I will try something a little more graceful in the way of melding the two Loading.kwi files together. For those who want to know what I did this time:

Download the v5.1 Toyota loading.kwi file.

The following three (unix) commands basically take the start of the MMCS file including the Program Block, and the rest from the Toyota file, and mash them together.

dd if=MITSU.KWI of=start.bin bs=1024 count=312
dd if=TOYOTA.KWI of=end.bin bs=1024 skip=312
cat start.bin end.bin > LOADING.KWI

Then burn new CD (as per many instructions on the net) using the new Loading.kwi file and your original map cd.
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