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Originally Posted by NWDarwin View Post
The projecta IDC25 is rated to international standard IP67, thatís more than enough to survive under the bonnet. Itís a pretty good piece of kit, Iíve never had an issue with mine in the 18 or so months Iíve owned it.

Thats only a waterproof rating. The temperature under a bonnet can get well over 70degrees celcius. This affects the dcdc charger greatly. Suddenly your 25 amp charger is struggling at 15 amps or less. Thats why many batteries dont last long...heat. Definately listen to what the manufacturer advises and mount it where air can cidrculate and keep it as cool as possibleManufacturers advise against putting them in hot areas. My enerdrive 40 amp has 3 x 80mm computer fans mounted above it to help keep it functioning properly (located in my camper trailer with no ventilation when travelling.
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