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Ive used lately Pirelli ATR, Cooper AT3, BFG KO and Toyo Opat2, the Pirelli are far less noisy than the other 2 (though when cornering at speed they make more noise than straight) Regarding traction at least in mild offroad didint noticed big differences, in mud dont know. Also found some grip problems with the Opat2 and KO in wet bitumen.
2000 SWB NL 3.5 SOHC V6 AT.
Adjustable suspension, Rear Locker, Suspension Seats, Cruise Control, 8500 Lbs winch, all factory fitted.
31x10.5R15 Pirelli ATR?s and forever thinking on the lift.
2009 SWB NS 3.2 DOHC DID AT 265/70/17 BFG AT/KO, OME SD Springs +4 Rear locker, 8.500 Lbs toy!!!
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