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Hi Scoot, there is a sticky in the mechanical section called "I did my valve clearances today" by Goodsy. It is for a Gen 4.1 NS which requires the removal of the injector lines which yours doesn't. However the valve adjustment procedure is identical.
I did a writeup on doing valve clearances on my Gen 3 NM in about 2005, which appears no longer on the forum as it doesn't go that far back, unless someone can point out where to find it.
By the way that NM is still going strong today with about 400,000 on the clock. Apart from wheel bearings, a water pump and new radiator the only major issue was the Dual Mass flywheel failing at about 180,000. It still runs perfecly using very little oil and still has the original injector pump.
the current owner says they will scrap it if the pump fail rather than spend about $5k.
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