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I think KHV could work if it's used as part of a hollistic approach to cleaning up our waterways, which I get the distinct impressions it's not at the moment. It appears that many people, pollies included think KHV is a magic bullet that will rid the carp and instantly clean up our waterways. It wont. It's immediate effect will be tonnes of dead fish polluting the waterways and causing more damage, I haven't seen one proper clean up program suggested yet.
After the initial kill, there will need to be a massive change in the way our waterways are used and protected, in order to get the rivers back to a clean state before the immune carp re-populate (probably in 5 years or so). Water flow, habitat re-seeding, farming practices, pollution and urban run off will all need to be addressed, else we'll be back to square one, but with an immune carp population.
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