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Originally Posted by Giddyup View Post
Do you know what boost it runs now?

I'm guessing they didn't install a Dawes valve or needle to adjust the boost curve?

I can't see how this won't void a warranty. If anything, a chip would be better as you could remove it yourself before taking it to a dealer.

With this, all a dealer has to do is look at injection duration, fuel pressure etc. while the car is running and it would be pretty obvious that the car is running different maps.
What I understand they don't play with the boost ...

-as far as the warranty they offer 5+ yrs on their products and 100% Manufacturer Warranty (as advertised on their front page )
- more information at

I had also talked to my Mitsubishi Service Department Foreman and showed him the dyno map (was very impressed) and he also said it is highly unlikely that it would void your warranty.
He's actually looking at also remapping his new Triton soon to be delivered.

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