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Originally Posted by El_Freddo View Post
Well I totally didnít see that coming after your build!! Thatís insane! So many questions as to how you did this.

One Iíll ask though, you donít need local registration, or is there something you had to do to meet local requirements? I love that you have the WA personalised plates ďwrong turnĒ - youíve certainly got that right!

Enjoy! Iím sure Iím not the only one to say Iíll be looking forward to your updates!


No local rego required. I can drive everywhere on my WA plates. its gets a lot of attention. a little to much sometimes.

its hilarious because the last cop that stopped me did 2 laps around the wagon before asking where my rego was.

The next update will be in june or july. I have to run back to OZ for a few days to finish a few item, then off to Armenia for break. then another 6 weeks in the Congo before the poor girl gets any use.
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