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Originally Posted by BruceandBobbi View Post
Domestic rabbits arrived with the First Fleet. Wild rabbits arrived in Tasmania in 1827. 24 rabbits were released in 1859 in Victoria.

Cane Toads were introduced in 1935 and Carp in the 1850s

The Carp Herpes virus is said to be species specific.

As an aside. Trout are not native to OZ.
I wasn't asking for a history lesson, I was stating a fact that previous attempts to introduce a species to eradicate another had not gone well in the past.
I know all about the virus, I read about it 12 months ago and have been to a conferance that discussed the topic. It has not been tested in every possible situation, ans is not a guaranteed 100% kill rate.
Nature finds a way to survive, and any that do will more than likely become immune to the virus. I think a lot more research needs to be donr before they release it.
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