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Originally Posted by my.paj View Post
If you dont mind, what fly's are you using? I have a fly rod and have done very little this may help me get used to it
Not sure what madfisher uses, I have created a burley trail using bread and used a piece of white foam as a fly. Get the foam balls from spotlight, about 5-6mm diameter. From memory a size 6 or 8 hook did the job. Bit like larger version of the trout roe fly. Works best in a lagoon or other still water.

If you found a yellow ball you could use corn to attract the Carp.

Bit off topic, but I use the same fly and tactics to catch mullet. The mullet usually end up as live or slab baits for mulloway. A 6wt rod and light tippet means you have a bit of fun.
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