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Originally Posted by dc80 View Post
I'd recommend against Webco shocks, I have heard more bad things than good about these, bad being early failures (after months, not years). Never heard of Ultra Kings, I'd be very hesitant to purchase those. Stick with a name brand if you can afford it. I got a good deal for Lovells/Bilsteins through Superspare Ebay, I think I paid $1180 all up for the kit including pre assembled fronts.

If that's out of your budget maybe consider looking into Raw $787 ( or better yet KYBs $765 (

I'm sure other members will weigh in with some good advice. Good luck!
I fitted WEBCO shocks 82,000 kms ago and they are still going strong. They have a 3 year replacement warranty so I guess that shows product confidence. Thats my story anyway
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