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The South Australian state government very generously gave my business a grant to help maintain cash flow - so I'm doing my bit to flow some cash in South Australia. I've ordered a batch of 20 frame sets, and a new toy that I'm hoping will help me to make the covers.

This first batch of 20 sets are all 170mm, so they'll still leave plenty of space for a rubbish bag even with a spare tyre lift kit installed. Those who have previously expressed interest (here, or my EOI thread) will have first right of refusal.

In the three years since this thread was created inflation has sent up prices - who would've thought? Each kit will be $200 + freight, including unpainted cosmetic covers but no rubbish bag. If there is a second batch the price will be higher.

The cheapest bag of which I'm aware is the Adventure Kings dirty gear bag from 4wd Supa Centre: $25, or $35 delivered:

If any member with NS to NW has access to a 3D printer and wants to try printing their own cosmetic covers, send me a PM. The printer will need a bed able to print something 250mm long, by 170mm high. Unfortunately, I don't have STL files to print NX covers, and I'm not sure if I'll need to create them.

Any questions, feel free to post - otherwise, I'll post an update when I have news.
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