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Originally Posted by erad View Post
In 2000, I bought a new NL Pajero. When it was delivered, I was in hospital and couldn't drive it for about a month, so my wife "ran the engine in" for me. Despite me telling her to work it harder, she steadfastly refused and drive it no more than 80 km/h for the first 1000 km. That engine burnt oil - typically 1 L for the first 2500 km after an oil change and then it used 1 L per 1000 km until the next oil change. I didn't like it, but oil was cheap. It was more a nuisance - I had to carry a litre of oil with me everywhere I went. At 235000 km, the engine was stripped down (my stuffup dropping a washer and not realising it), and the original honing marks were still quite plainly visible.

Modern engines are built to very fine tolerances, and do not require any special running in. Certainly, do not start the engine and take it out and thrash it to 6000 R/min without warming it up first, but let it warm up and then drive it normally, occasionally loading it up and then letting it run at light loads for a while. You have the cylinder bores to consider, and also the bearings. You stand a chance of glazing the bores if you don't load up the pistons properly, but remember the bearings, so make sure that the oil is warmed up properly before loading up the engine.

I bought a new harley 10 years ago and ran it in like an old woman!! Worst thing I could have done....Decided to power up the engine and at 8000klms the bores were glazed! As old mate said after a power rebuild...take it easy for 500klms - change oil -- -drive it like you stole it. It pulled like a 14 year old with a stick book after that!

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