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Running in these days is much easier than years ago.
General rules to follow,
1. Always allow 2min idle after start and before shutdown to circulate oil in a cold engine and allow a hot engines internals to cool down
2. Drive normaly with moderate throttle keeping revs in reasonable limits, say 1500 to 2700.
3. Dont lug the engine, dont idle for long periods or rev above 80% of redline rpm
4. Dont sit at constant rpm for extended periods, vary throttle
5, Its ok to use moderate throttle up hills to bed rings followed by an easy cruise to let things cool, hilly roads are good for running in.
6, Change oil around 5000klm, not prior as some manufacturers use a specific oil on the 1st fill to help rings bed in. Dont use a synthetic oil under 5000klm unless its specifically ok too and in the owners manual
7. Dont tow heavy loads for the first 0 to 3000~5000klm
8. Enjoy the new drive

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