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- Bought a trailer!

We got an MDC Stepthrough black around March last year. This is in the stepthrough/walkup style which means it's a soft floor but has an extended body with a carpeted area at the front of the trailer. The advantage of this setup over a traditional softfloor is it's a bigger tent and the way you get in the bed is different.

Basically instead of the rickety crap little ladder you have a set of fold out stairs that you climb up into the carpeted area at the foot of the bed and climb in from there. This means you don't climb over your partner in the middle of the night if you've had too many beers. Also gives more storage as you get a nice clean dry storage area for clothes and bedding that you can easily access while on the move.

The trailer has independent suspension (the twin shock absorber style that the manufacturers love at the moment) a pull out fridge slide and pantry drawers through the tailgate and a tailgate mounted kitchen.

Trailer has not been without it's issues and the experience with MDC has been a bit sour but I would still probably buy from them again, overall build quality and feature list for the price is imo best in the market (or it was when we looked).

We've given it a bit of a workout, did a run up to Fraser and several trips to the high country. Have taken it on some moderate tracks and it performs amazingly offroad. It's a brilliant trailer to tow, especially after removing the Jerry can and gas bottle holders. Planning to take it over the Simpson next touring season (2019) at this stage.

In terms of the setup time, pretty happy with it. Never gonna be as quick as a hard floor but we can do our quick and dirty overnight stop setup in about 15 minutes, 20 if unhitching. Packup time is a bit longer but similar.

First run-in trip.

Seasoning it in my parents front yard

Supporting mods to the car for the trailer include electric brake controller fitted by Chadstone Mitsubishi (thanks Paul) and an anderson plug to charge the electrics on the trailer fitted by ARB Bairnsdale. I've decided to run this from the starter battery rather than the auxillary so it can just leech off the alternator rather than run off the DCDC that runs the auxillary battery. Got them to fit a cutoff so that it only charges when the car is running or in the 'on' position. So far haven't seen any issues with it setup this way, will fit a DCDC into the trailer if I find I need it.

Brake controller is a redarc tow pro elite, great unit very neat install.
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