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Originally Posted by eci_thump View Post
If I understand this part correctly, and please correct me if I'm wrong. Theoretically if I wanted to hook up the existing MM rear camera to a new head unit using a RCA cable, I would strip one end off the RCA cable and separate the wiring into 2 and crimp 2 vampire clips to the ends, then clip those vampire clips onto the green and white cables from the original MMCS harness? The other cables involved in the rear camera keep their existing functions (power, power triggered when in reverse, ground).
Not quite right. The factory camera runs off 6.6V, not 12V, and this comes from the MMCS unit. When you remove the MMCS this 6.6V source goes with it; you need to re-create this too.

Also, the factory wiring is incredibly thin; I'm not sure how reliable vampire clips would be.
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