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Originally Posted by nj swb View Post
Even the video connection was quick & easy (aka cheap & nasty). I had a damaged RCA cable that I didn't see myself ever using again, so I chopped the yellow lead off, and stripped the end. It's not even coax, but I twisted and tinned the ends, then poked them into the factory sockects on the white ("signal") and green ("shield") wires. By deliberately selecting the reversing camera input on the new headunit, I could see the picture on the camera - a fraction noisier than I remember the MMCS picture, but I'll live with it.
If I understand this part correctly, and please correct me if I'm wrong. Theoretically if I wanted to hook up the existing MM rear camera to a new head unit using a RCA cable, I would strip one end off the RCA cable and separate the wiring into 2 and crimp 2 vampire clips to the ends, then clip those vampire clips onto the green and white cables from the original MMCS harness? The other cables involved in the rear camera keep their existing functions (power, power triggered when in reverse, ground). Obviously the new head unit will have its own reverse trigger.
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