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My Chip It Delete Pipe arrived this afternoon and was subsequently installed(I couldn't wait). I thought I would post up my first impressions so that others may hopefully benefit from it.

I was delighted to discover that the Race Pipe was a simple 'bolt on' job. The hangers, pressure lines and flanges all lined up perfectly. The only problem I encountered was that the holes in the gaskets provided did not line up with the exhaust studs. This is easily fixed however as the holes could be filed out larger to fit the studs. I did not have the patience for this so I reused the existing gaskets (I checked the flanges with engine running and it seems fine, no leaks).

The hardest part of the entire process was the removal of the pressure lines from the DPF and in particular the Oxygen sensor (on the top rear of the DPF). You really do have to drown all connections with copious amounts of WD40 in order to work them loose (as specified in Chip it instruction sheet provided). I still had trouble even after I had sprayed everything with WD40 each day for five days in preparation for the install. Be very careful not to round the bolt heads. If it isn't coming loose drown it in WD40, wait a while and try again. I found greater success in using a large shifter to remove these lines. This way I could get a nice tight grip on the bolt head (my 14mm spanner seemed to have a lot of play and was prone to rounding). I found it much easier to remove the O2 Sensor while the DPF was out of the vehicle. This way you have more control of your spanner on the bolt without interference of the pressure lines or vehicle parts.

I connected all the existing lines to the Race Pipe once installed and found that I didnt have to do much at all to secure the lines. I reused the rear pressure line bracket to hold both lines together and this kept everything very solid.

I took the car for a quick spin and was very impressed with the benefits. The most noticable difference is that the car definetely seems to be more responsive off the mark. The lag you used to get when accelerating from stand still has been reduced significantly. This alone would be enough to warrant the purchase of one of these. When you combine this with the improvement in fuel economy, maintenance costs (due to not having to buy low ash oils) and reduction of weight (the DPF is almost x3 the weight of the race pipe) I consider this to be a mod of excellent value.
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