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Originally Posted by Jemsquash View Post
I got my delete pipe installed yesterday, I live near Chip It so I got them to install it. The car definitely feels a bit more responsive now. I equate it to the car feels a bit lighter. It is not a massive difference in performance but noticeable. I'm convinced the turbo lag is improved significantly though. I'm hoping that those panic moments where you are crossing in front of oncoming traffic with foot flat & going nowhere will be gone.

The performance improvement is a bonus for me as I got it installed because I didn't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a blocked filter.

For what its worth he gave me several stubby holders
After my initial problems that is exactly how I felt and how I felt the car ran.
I think it is running better.
I am not sure about any gains in economy but I have not done any real long drives. My longest drive to date is around 30 to40 ks but it is

The feeling of not being caught when crossing a road with oncoming traffic was one of the big gains for me as well, keeps the shorts clean.

May be Chipit. An use that in their advertising.
" Install a DPF Delete Pipe and keep your shorts clean"

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