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Default Gen 4 battery tray fix

Here is how if fixed my broken tray, you need a tray and -

disconnect the battery and remove
eye protection

The whole job took about 2 hours over 2 week days + time for the paint to dry. If you choose to not repaint the metal tray then 2 hours.

1- photo 1 & 2 Disconnect and remove battery, various tools are required as well as a suitably sized rivets and a battery tray
2-photo 3 the unmodified tray is a good fit but does not sit flat.
3-photo 4 & 5 using my dremmel style tool I marked out and cut some holes in my tray to allow access to the factory tray bolts.
4-photo 6, 7 & 8- on one side the little side tabs need to be cut out to allow the tray to sit flush
5-photo 9 - The ends of the factory tray also need to be cut to allow the tray to sit flush
6-photo 10 - tray sitting flush
7-photo 11 & 12 - tray showing rivet locations underneath the factory tray and the new metal rivets done
8-photo 13 - final product bolted back in place

If i did this again I would make some of the holes in the metal tray larger making it easier to access and tighten the factory tray bolts.
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