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Hi Rosebush,

Mitsubishi provided the sequence for recoding the remotes for their Magnas in the owner's handbook, but I have just checked the book for my
'05 Exceed it says to take the remotes to the dealer for yet another extortionate service. However, you can easily do this yourself using a simple sequence of steps, provided here on the forum. Search for the method ( use the search tab at the top of the page), and you will be able to reprogram all of your remotes in just a minute or two (all remotes must be done at the same time to ensure the same random code is applied to them all). I can tell you the sequence for the Magna (which may or may not be the same),but as yet I have not had to recode the Pajero remotes.
Good's simple, quick and CHEAP.

PS. I have just noticed that you said "immobiliser" and my answer was addressing keyless entry fobs. Keyless entry and immobilisation codes are inclusive on some vehicles.
Check that this is the case for the Pajero. If you meant "keyless entry fob" my answer stands.

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