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Originally Posted by erad View Post
By choice, I would go for a fully galvanised trailer rather than bright steel. Bright steel is as rolled nd has no corrosion protection, hence full hot dip galvanising.

Also, as for 2 wheels vs 4 wheels, 4 wheels are better because the trailer will be more stable when towing, but it will be heavier (and hence use more fuel to tow it in hilly country) and it will not offer any better protection in the event of a blowout of the trailer tyres. A lot of hype has been put up about caravans with 4 wheels ebing better than 2 wheels - people say they don't want the van to turn over when a tyre blows. Well, in 30 years of towing I have had 3 tyres blow in my Jayco poptop caravan and the only way I knew was because of loud rumbling noises. There was no pulling, sideways skidding - nothing. In fact the last time, I was running on the rim for about 2 km before I could pull off the road (it was narrow and winding and there was nowhere I could safely pull off the road to change it). All I knew was that I could hear rumbling and the van had a slight lean on it. As long as the axle, hubs, rims and tyres are up to the loading, in my opinion, w wheels are better than 4 because the whole trailer is lighter and more manouverable than with a 4 wheel setup.

Like I said, mine's been out in the weather for the 13 years I've had it (1995 build, ex hire trailer). It's a work trailer & sometimes sits all weekend with wet green waste in it from my last job of the week. I use a chainsaw to cut & compact the waste, so I can get more into the trailer, so there's sometimes a large volume of wet sawdust sitting in the bottom of it when I unload it. No rust on the bright steel floor whatsoever.

My previous work trailer was a hot dipped galv one, which I bought new. It was well & truly rusted out within 5 years. The galv wears off.
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