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Default NL power antenna-operating the wrong way

Hi all.

While I had the LH guard off I fixed up the power antenna. Took ages swapping bits and pieces from the spare that I had, but got it sorted. Today I was putting the interior back together and thought I would test the radio out, trying the antenna while I was there.

On turning the radio on the antenna retracted, and after turning it off the antenna extended, and kept extending till it fell on the bonnet, and then kept going until all of the cable was run out of the motor.

Obviously its running reverse to what it is supposed to.

What I'm wondering is-what has gone wrong? I'm sure the wiring going to the motor is right, as I didn't play with that part. The radio is afterket JVC (will be replaced shortly for a bluetooth model). I would assume that all radio's would be 0v antenna signal when radio is off, and power when it is on.

Do you think I should just reverse the wiring to the antenna itself? Guard is back on, but I can possibly get to the wiring from under that plastic cover above wheel, or reverse the pins in the plug at the control unit behind the radio

Any other ideas why its running the way that it is?

Appreciate any advice

Cheers, Stu
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