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Well, having no luck getting the MMCS unit in my NT Exceed going at 3 Mitsi dealers, and being told by the last one that a new unit would cost about $6500 and I'd be better off going after market, I decided to ring around some of the radio installers. The auto electrician told me to try Polaris, as apparently they supply a lot of the car manufacturers, but talking to numerous people, they all said they were rubbish. That may explain why there are so many problems with these units in a lot of vehicles. I ended up going to a place not far from home, so trying to fill in 4 hours while they install it, wasn't so much of a problem. They fitted a universal unit, a Mongoose Q260, which seems to do what I need. It has the ipod cable which they stowed in the glove box, although I haven't tried that yet. I'm not really in to high end audio stuff, but I can vouch for the fact that this system sounds a lot better than the original unit. Wasn't happy about spending the $1300, but it was sure as hell better than $6500. Just posted for members info.
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