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Default Challenger Recalls

Product description
11/12 MY Challenger 2WD & 4WD fitted with front suspension lower control arms.
Identifying features
Recall Campaign number: TFM2013-GC28-022
Target: 2865

11 ~ 12MY Challenger 2WD:
MMAGNKG40CF000004 ~ MMAGYKG40CF002509
11 ~ 12MY Challenger 4WD
MMAGNKH40BF001929 ~ MMAGYKH40CF002541
What are the defects?
There is a possibility of improper welding on Front Suspension Lower Control Arms (LCA) produced prior to Friday, 11 May 2012 which may result in the weld failing.
What are the hazards?
If the weld fails, it will be readily detected by the driver as the vehicle will become unstable, pulling to either left or right side of the road. The defect potentially poses a hazard to the driver and other road users.
Traders who sold this product
Mitsubishi vehicle dealerships
Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited
What should consumers do?
As a precaution prior to inspection, customers should operate the vehicle in a conservative manner to avoid excessive shock load on the parts that may be affected.

All owners of affected vehicles have been contacted by mail sent to their last known address. Owners are requested to contact the nearest Mitsubishi authorised service Dealer at their earliest convenience to make an appointment to have your vehicle rectified.

If you do not have the Dealer phone number available, please call 1300 13 12 11, select option 2 and enter the post code of your selling Dealer to be re-directed to that Dealer or your post code to be re-directed to the nearest Dealer.

Owners who believe their vehicle is in the affected range and who have not received a letter by the 22nd November 2013 or require further information regarding this recall should call the Mitsubishi Customer Assistance Centre on 1300 13 12 11 and select option 4, then select option 2.
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