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Originally Posted by josmond View Post
My socket wrench didn't fit in the provided socket for tightening the chains, so that was just by hand tightening, I'll go to Bunnings and get a proper socket for it which should hopefully allow me to tight properly and bring the front back down the extra 5mm.

What's the recommendation with the Anderson WDH for reversing, tight maneuvering, or rough roads etc?
To get to my parking spot on the drive way, i do have a bit where the car and van are at quiet different angles going up a slope to the levelish ground at the top. Hoping that I don't need to disconnect to get up over that.
Like OJ said, you dont have to remove for reversing or inclines. I haven't used one but, after assembling it, lifting the A frame with the jockey and then tigtening the chains may be the right way to go, instead of cranking it with full load on the chains. once levelled users detach the triangular plate each time they need to decouple leaving the chains and triangular plate attached to the frame. You must be aware of this by now as there are many videos on U tube.
How much did you get it for and where from? pls share your opinions as i may need to change mine from the HR type tension bars and chain as i had to move the A frame chain attachment clamps more towards the caravan ( now the chains are not Vertical and become excessively tight when turning.)
P.S: If you detach the plate while the tow is at an angle to the caravan after parking, it may need a small trick to get it back on or you will have to reverse the tow back in the same angle.
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