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Default Update

I have foregone the USB ports till when I get back from a camping trip planned next week. In the meantime, I took the advice/images/youtubes from here, pulled out the aircon vents, aircon controls, fascia, and then Mitsubishi Motors 8701A262 unit.

Lost a couple of those white clips in the process!

I put in a
* CHMB6C as primary harness.
* APP8KE4 as secondary harness.
* APJVCPL from C2 Box to do steering wheel remote.

Also ran wires for the Garman 56 while running the microphone wire.

Plugged the blue/yellow cable from the CHMB6C / APJVCPL to the blue/yellow in the APP8KE4.

Grounded the park brake (thanks for that tip too!)

Replaced fascia. Put it all together and then realised that while the steering wheel, including volume up/down, 'mode' and forward/back seem to work, the call buttons don't.
a) the 'smart' (Left) button and 'pickup call' (middle) tell the radio to 'Att'enuate.
b) the hang-up (Right) button, does nothing.

Have rung Aerpro / TDJ, they didn't have any easy fixes. Suggested that I take out the APJVCPL and put in a APUNIPL2 to 'teach' it to 'self learn' all the steering wheel buttons. He didn't agree that the guide here would be any use:

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