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What is the maximum height of mattress you can have in your roof top tent, allowing for the fact that it has to be doubled over when its folded?

I have been let down (pun intended) by deflating air mattresses on a number of occasions, and if given an option, would always go for a foam mattress. Aim to have three layers - a firm base layer to protect you from the base of the RRT, then a medium density foam to provide support whilst sleeping, and finally a low density top that provides the comfort layer. You could get Clark Rubber to make up all three layers and glue them together, or keep the top layer as a separate 'topper' that can be periodically replaced when it fails/compresses/gets dirty.

Also consider cutting the mattress in half, to avoid the extra bulk at the fold point - but this slows down and complicates the packup, which might be ok if using sleeping bags, but less practical if using sheets.

How much height of mattress you have available, and the weight of the heaviest person sleeping in the RRT will dictate the thickness of each layer - its a bit of trial and error to find what will work for you.
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