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Originally Posted by Keithyv View Post
Yes, I did it in my NW, spliced into the video feed - I have the original rear-view mirror feed AND the new head-unit displaying when in reverse.
That's beyond me, other than some kind of RCA splitter I'm not sure how to do this or if the power needs to be upped to feed to both the new head unit and rear view mirror. Any basic tip on how that works? Anything complex about how you did that? Is the existing camera feed to the rear-view mirror going through the radio in the dash? how do you access that? is it RCA?

My existing setup looks like this:

Seems a bit backwards? Wiring in USB sockets is easy. Just 2 wires (assuming you just need them for recharging purposes?)
Yeah just for charging. With the exception of the two USB' accesses for the headunit, one for android auto, the other just for tunes or whatever, the other Narva USB plugs are meant for plugging in GPS/phones/tablet for road trips.

Thanks for the tip - I know the basics of electricity/AC/DC and connecting like-colour cables, but must admit, have never done anything power orientated in a car beyond changing a car battery. Tapping into main/ignition power isn't something I've done before, or where to begin to do it.

Once again, I wish there was a basic half day course on car electricals/mechanics to do the basics.

I spent months planning my head-unit install, mind you I used zero adaptors or plug and play looms. Way more complex than 2 wires for a USB socket!
I'm not that old. But work has been crazy lately. I guess right now, just don't have the mental stamina to work it all out to be honest, just glad to be in a job, given everything going on.

Looking to solve it without too much fuss. I know if I pay an auto electrician, he'll do what I ask him to, but it may not be 'right' or 'best'. Hence why I've gotten back on forum here, as others have worked out the wins/fails on setups and have advice on what works. I've lurked here for years, and usually found I don't actually need to ask a question as most have been asked before and someone has the answer.
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