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Originally Posted by Mundy55 View Post
I have tried lots of combinations, none of which is perfect, and have currently settled on the one which is the least frustrating at the moment. The one which works best for you will be a personal thing.

I have used both MMaps and OziExplorer. I have used a 10" window mounted, Windows tablet; a Hema NX1; a Galaxy S7; and now, the latest, a Polaris Android head unit.

I prefer MMaps to use (on Windows) but it is more expensive and less flexible map wise than OziE and I don't like the way it operates on Android. The 10" tablet was great for viewing but was intrusive and not quite safe window mounted. The mobile phone was too small a screen size and, as noted in anothe similar post, if I got close enought to get the detail I couldn't focus on the screen. I was never comfortable with the way the Hema HX1 operated and most frustratingly, its polarised screen direction meant that the screen, in landscape mode, was black when using polarised sunglasses (essential when driving IMHO).

The Polaris head unit has a number of advantages, not just the off road mapping, and I never liked the OEM unit. But it, too, isn't perfect. Most niggly for me is, as NJ noted, the glossy screen gives unwanted reflections depending on light conditions, especially if my partner is wearing a light coloured top in the passenger seat. I haven't yet installed MMap onto this unit to see how it runs as I'm giving OziE a good try out. There's supposed to be improvements coming to OziE and I'll wait a while yet.
Thanks mate, as along as it works then happy life. I have decided to get out first. As along as my phone can be used as gps then i can try to andriod auto or carplay to the head units unless the offroad app cant be supported
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