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Originally Posted by vicomte View Post
Hi all

- Will leave existing reverse cam connected to inbuilt display in rear view mirror. Just need to makes sure it still works after head unit replaced. Possible?
Yes, I did it in my NW, spliced into the video feed - I have the original rear-view mirror feed AND the new head-unit displaying when in reverse.
Originally Posted by vicomte View Post

- I'm game to try replacing the headunit myself, but wiring in extra USB sockets is beyond me.
Seems a bit backwards? Wiring in USB sockets is easy. Just 2 wires (assuming you just need them for recharging purposes?)

I spent months planning my head-unit install, mind you I used zero adaptors or plug and play looms. Way more complex than 2 wires for a USB socket!
Originally Posted by vicomte View Post

- while putting in head unit mic, may run cable via driver side A pillar trim (existing factory mic is crap in my opinion)
Yes it is. I put the new Mic in the roof console behind one of the blanking plugs.

Originally Posted by vicomte View Post
There is an aux power in centre console, however I understand from Paj enthusiasts on this forum, wiring to aux in centre console isn't very high gauge.
No It's fine for the small amount of current a USB charging socket needs.
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