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Default Advice sought. New head unit, USB power, Want to keep mirror reverse camera

Hi all

I've decided to go with some budget conscious upgrades. In my NP I upgraded the head unit to a Kenwood/Garmin one a few years back, but then it got written off and I'm wary of overspend given the meantime I bought a Garmin RV 775 MT-S with HEMA maps.

Anyway project as follows. Should I pay someone, or something here with some experience able to help in Sydney Northern Suburbs?

# Note.
- Will leave existing reverse cam connected to inbuilt display in rear view mirror. Just need to makes sure it still works after head unit replaced. Possible?
- I'm game to try replacing the headunit myself, but wiring in extra USB sockets is beyond me.

2013 Pajero NW GLX-R (Gen 4)
1. Replace radio head-unit from factory non-rockford with JVC KW-M960BW double din
- I am mail-ordering all harnesses so should be easy plug out/in.
- install microphone in driver side A pillar
- reconnecting one USB from new headunit to existing factory USB socket in glovebox
- run lead from back of headunit to second USB to come out in card holder below aircon unit, maybe drill hole in back and put in a grommet with USB coming through?
- This unit doesn't have nav maps, but connects to Android Auto. Manual suggests I need to put GPS on dash for android auto to pickup/use maps?

2. Install Garmin 56 dashcam at center top behind rear view mirror, (powered via USB)
- I'm thinking hardwiring to fuse box
- while putting in head unit mic, may run cable via driver side A pillar trim (existing factory mic is crap in my opinion)

3. Install Narva USB-A/USB-C 81106BL base of centre dash, next to existing aux cigarette socket
There is a blank plate for where Exceed/VRX would have seat heating.
Looks "easy" to access once you undo trim plate above dash in each footwell, unscrew and remove them, unscrew centre section and pop out radio/aircon units.

4. Install Narva dual USB-A 81108BL rear of centre console - maybe behind hand brake.
There is an aux power in centre console, however I understand from Paj enthusiasts on this forum, wiring to aux in centre console isn't very high gauge.

It may be good to run new wire from dash under centre console to back to power new USB.
Easy to remove by removing cupholders and unscrewing, sliding back and out.

Was looking at back of centre console for backseat, but saw comments that that's a licence for broken parts with kids/junk kicking USB leads.

I'll supply ( if/when it turns up in mail):
* Fascia plate
* JVC KW-M960BW -
-- Pictures
-- Manual
* Aerpro Wiring Harness - Suit JVC / Kenwood Head Units, APP8KE4
* Aepro JVC patch lead suits control harness c APJVCPL
* Narva USB-A/USB-C 81106BL
* Narva dual USB-A 81108BL

Don't know about fuse taps/adaptors and fuses for stuff.
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