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Default Mattress not soft enough

My two bobs worth,
I use an Aldi, 35mm,inflatable mattress with an old wool blanket, doubled, on top. Doesn't get clammy and very comfy.

I inflate the mattress only enough to stop "grounding" hips, knee or elbow. Not rock hard.

A simple test is to inflate such that you can poke a finger through to the bottom/floor/ground. Adjust as necessary.
So when you roll over you don't hit hard surface, also if lying on back it is easier on heels.
A pad, pillow, under ankles (elevation), can also take the pressure off on heels and toes. Or let your feet overhang.

Also when I pitch my tent I place a closed cell foam pad under the floor of the tent, not directly under the mattress. Protects the waterproof tent floor from stones etc.
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