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Default Rooftop tent mattress not soft enough

Hi all. We have recently bought a 2nd hand Challenger that came with a well-used Adventure Kings rooftop tent.
We have now slept about 12 nights in it (over 3 quick trips away) . We quickly identified moisture under the mattress as an issue so have added the Darche anti-condensation mat, plus a few of the "outdoor flooring" tiles - that interlock - under our hips for comfort. Still not enough in the comfort stakes so we need to spend a bit more to get that good nights sleep....

So I am hoping someone else has been here before....... I guess the 2 options will be a memory foam layer or a thin inflatable queen mattress on top of the existing one.
The key here will be thickness as when the tent is packed down, this will double so it needs to be on the thin side when flat.....

Any experienced RTT campers out the there who have solved this one?

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